Green French Clay: They'll have Green Goddess envy...

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Green French Clay (Illite) a classic choice to include in our Green Goddess detoxifying face mask and for good reason. It’s packed with mineral oxides, potassium, calcium, magnesium…the list goes on, and it’s absorbency means that it works like a magnet for toxins, drawing out impurities from the skin helping to promote a clearer complexion.It’s also favoured for the way it tightens the pores as it dries on the skin and leaves it feeling toned and refreshed.

Why so green?
It’s due to the zinc oxide and de-composed plant matter it naturally contains because of the earth’s natural cycles.

A natural healer 
This French clay is mined as deep as 50ft and has ancient history… it’s been used for its antibacterial and healing properties since prehistoric times. More recently a female French humanitarian in West Africa, Line Brunet de Courssou, used it to treat her patients with a severe skin disorder, and found it to be a true natural healer. Amazing.

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