Dead Sea Salt, Cleopatra & Silky-smooth Skin

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Dead Sea Salt, MIMI Sweet Cheeks

Dead Sea Salt (Maris Sal) is one of the world's most popular spa treatments, and one of the key ingredients in MIMI Sweet Cheeks exfoliating body rub. As the names suggests, it's harvested from the Dead Sea, one of the world’s saltiest lakes with borders that include Israel, Jordan and Palestine.

Dead Sea Salt and Sweet Cheeks ExfoliantsBenefits the Skin
The Dead Sea gets its name from the fact that no aquatic life can survive in the high concentration of salt. Dead Sea Salt is harvested for its super-packed minerals including magnesium (which helps to alleviate muscle ache), potassium, iron, zinc and calcium all of which work hard to draw out toxins from each pore while leaving the skin feeling deeply hydrated.

In addition, the motion of rubbing the salt on the skin works as an exfoliator to scrub away dead skin cells to encourage the growth of new ones and it also increases circulation.        

Ever wondered why the Dead Sea has such a high concentration of salt and minerals? Apparently, there is only one way for water to flow into the lake, but no way out. So it sits there evaporating under the scorching sun, leaving tons of nutrient-rich salt behind. 

Personalise your Body Rub
With Sweet Cheeks, you blend Dead Sea Salt with other exfoliants that have different textures (orange peel is softer than the coarse lemon peel) so you can personalise your body rub to suit you. The oils included in the Sweet Cheeks body rub are specially chosen to help nourish and moisturise your skin, leaving it silky-smooth. The warm exotic blend of lemongrass and cinnamon leaf essential oils invigorate your senses. 


Cleopatra & The Queen of Sheba
Legend has it that upon arrival at the Dead Sea, Cleopatra, possibly exhausted from travelling all the way from Eqypt, and driven by her enterprising spirit, built the world’s first spa on its banks. Cleopatra also declared that she was a reincarnation of Isis, the then popular Egyptian Goddess of fertility, fortune and protector of women. Oh, and apparently King Solomon wooed the Queen of Sheba with gifts of Dead Sea Salt upon her arrival. Aw, how romantic.

You've got Sweet Cheeks
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MIMI Sweet Cheeks body rub ps. If you know anyone in the UK with sensitive skin or Rosacea that wants to test my new natural super-calming-Rosacea-friendly night time facial oil, forward this blog to them or they can email me Thank you, you'll be doing us both a favour! x

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