Argan Oil: Face-lift in a Bottle

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Argan Oil (Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil)
Argan Oil has become increasingly popular for use in cosmetics over the last few years. And rightly so. It’s been a well-kept secret among Moroccan women for centuries and often referred to as ‘liquid gold’ due to its plethora of nourishing and repairing properties for the skin, nails and hair, and it's even been heralded as a 'face-lift in a bottle'. 

Fight those free-radicals!
It’s bursting with Vitamin E (a natural anti-oxidant) that will help fight the army of free-radicals on your skin, and essential fatty acids (particularly Omega 6 and 9) that can help to maintain hydrated skin and in turn reduce the appearance of those little fine lines. We put it in Sleeping Beauty so that it works hard while you sleep.

Refined and unscented
The oil is extracted from the Argan kernel that’s embedded deep in the nut under peel and pulp (that are not discarded but used as animal feed).

The complex but gentle manufacturing process ensures that the nutrients in the oil are retained. You’ll find cold-pressed, unscented, Argan Oil in Sleeping Beauty.

Even goats love it
It’s said that the Argan nut is the goats favourite delicacy. Apparently they climb the Argan trees, up to 30ft high, just to get to them.
(Note to self: never stand under an Argan tree).


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