Carrot Tissue Oil: loving that warm glow!

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Carrot Tissue Blend (Daucus Carota Sativa Root Extract) created, putting it simply, by macerating raw carrot and infusing it in sunflower oil for several weeks. Magic! You’re left with a bottle of oil that resembles an African sunset. The beta-carotene gives Sweet Cheeks it’s natural warm glow.

The not-so-humble carrot
It’s rich in a variety of anti-oxidants including vitamins C and E (our free-radical fighting allies). It also contains the elusive vitamin D (hard to get here in the UK), which is fundamental for healthy, stretchy skin. The sunflower oil in this blend contains essential fatty acids that help to improve the skin’s ability to trap and retain moisture.

Fantastic news for those winter-hidden body parts in need of TLC.

Record breaker!
Did you know that the Anglo-Saxons drank carrot water to ward off evil spirits? Wonder if it worked! More recently, the heaviest carrot grew in Alaska weighing 8.61kg (the weight of two chubby babies) and had a diameter of 30cm (longer than A4 paper). Hmm. That'll impress your dinner-party guests.

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