Grapeseed Oil: Ancient Antidote for Ageing skin

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Grapeseed Oil (Vitis Vinifera Seed Oil) is a pale green oil which is pressed from the seeds of grapes indigenous to temperate climates across the world. And in case you're wondering where they get the seeds from, they're an abundant by-product of wine-making (that’s good to know).

our grape seed oil is made from delicious vineyard grapes Plump out the little fine lines
Grape Seed Oil is rich in vitamins A and C (which encourage collagen production), vitamin E (for fighting free-radicals and skin-calming properties), and it is high linoleic acid (omeg-6) which makes it deeply moisturising. Better still, Grape Seed Oil has a mild astringent effect on the skin which leaves the skin feeling toned and the pores feeling tighter. It is silky to the touch and light on the skin, penetrating completely at a medium rate compared to other oils in Sleeping Beauty.

Ancient Egyptian wine pourerAn Ancient Healer
Records show that the leaves were used to treat wounds and inflammation, that eating dried grapes relieved constipation, and that sipping Grapeseed oil is good for various medical problems such as oedema, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes (but please don't drink the bottle of Grapeseed Oil in your Sleeping Beauty Kit - it's been specially produced for cosmetics so it's great on your skin, not in your tum). As for random facts, did you know the common grape has been around for thousands of years? And, wine lovers among you, have the Ancient Egyptians to thank for pioneering the wine industry. Cheers to that!

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