Lemon Peel: Silky Skin for Summer

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Lemon Peel Powder (Citrus Limon Peel)

We all know that lemons are naturally rich in vitamin C and make the perfect cold remedy. Lemon juice is also an effective cleaning agent and cuts through grease better than household products. 

Lemon Peel

However, I’m not here to help you get rid of your cold (although if you have one I hope you feel better soon), or clean your kitchen (although I love a shiny sink).

Instead I want to share the benefits of lemons, in particular lemon peel, on the skin.

The peel of a lemon contains more vitamin C than its juice (a good thing because vitamin C promotes the production of collagen in the skin keeping it lovely and plump). When the peel is dried and ground to a fine powder it not only smells lemony, it looks like happy grains of sand.

Even better, it’s abundant in anti-bacterial, cleansing and astringent properties and can help reduce inflammation in the skin… making it an obvious choice as a natural exfoliant, working wonders in a body rub (yup, it’s one of three exfoliants you can choose to add to make your own Sweet Cheeks).

I love factoids …

There are more than fifty varieties of lemons. The hea

viest lemon on record weighed 5.265kg, was 35cm long and measured 74cm in circumference.That’s bigger than a rugby ball.
I wonder how they juiced it.

Love your Sweet Cheeks!

Buff away sandpaper skin and dry patches to reveal the smoother you this sumer.

ps. your body (and your lover) will thank you for it.






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