Orange Peel Exfoliant: A Natural Energiser

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Orange Peel (Citrus Aurantium Dulcis Peel)

Dried orange peel makes an amazing natural exfoliant. It’s finer and softer than Dead Sea salt or lemon peel powder, and so it gives Sweet Cheeks a perfect balance of textures.

Natural ExfoliantsThe colour of these little golden grains not only energises and rejuvenates the spirit, but they are packed with vitamin C (necessary for collagen production), potassium, vitamins A and B-complex and antioxidants. Along with anti-inflammatory and astringent properties, orange peel can help to firm and tone the skin.

Oh, and because it’s 100% natural fresh peel that's been dried and ground into a powder, it's retained its delicious uplifting orangey aroma.

Now it wouldn’t be a MIMI info-blog without a few obscure facts, so… did you know that the word “orange” originally only referred to the fruit. It derives from the Arabic naranj and arrived in English as “narange” in the 14th century. It gradually lost its first letter ‘n’ in the same way as other words have over the centuries, for example  apron is from ‘naperon’,  umpire from ‘noumpere’. 

MIMI Sweet Cheeks Body RubAnd, get this, unpicked oranges turn back to being green (but does this mean they go orange again, and if so, how would they taste when eventually picked? Any insights, please comment below!). 

ps. There's been a lot of coverage in the press recently about the use of plastics and plastic beads in exfoliants and I'd like to reassure you that you'll only find one hundred percent natural ingredients in MIMI natural skincare Kits (and you'll eventually be able to read about all the MIMI ingredients here).

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