Flawless Skin: Myth & Magic

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Flawless Skin is a Myth
You may have read a few MIMI blogs and be wondering why is someone who owns a skincare business saying ‘accept the ageing process’ when the world of skincare and beauty promises ‘flawless skin’ and relies on the insecurities of ageing women all over world to make its money?

Well, I want to help you have great looking skin using products that are fresh and natural, and I want you to be in control of how you blend it for your own personal use. Like most women I’ve spent a lot of time throughout my life worrying about how I look when what actually matters is how you are.

You already know this.

Campaign for Natural Beauty
How do you feel as a woman in the 21st century? Fed up with the expectations to be thinner, fitter, or look younger?

Well, it's time to stop comparing ourselves to airbrushed images of women in glossy magazines. ‘Beauty’ is prevalent in our shopping centres, supermarkets, advertising boards, magazines and online. It’s used as the prefix to –balm –serum –product –blog, but wouldn't vanity be more appropriate?

I’m fascinated with the relationship we have with ourselves (how we look, how we feel, how we think others perceive us) and how this can get in the way of how we relate to the world around us; our friends, social groups, and colleagues. I use the words ‘can get in the way’ because how we feel about ourselves affects our confidence, our confidence affects how we behave, and how we behave determines the quality of our relationships. I want my products to offer great skin and the opportunity to feel better about yourself; get that warm glow from having created something yourself, feel good having taken time out to do something just for you.

Drawing on my experience as a chartered psychologist I will be making available info, links, resources, a throw in a few fun and quirky bits, anything that enables us to feel more confident to embrace who we are.

To kick us off, one of my favourite topics is personal strengths - once you know what they are and start using them more frequently, life gets so much better. I'll post a blog on this some day soon, but for now, you can identify yours here: (it's free and designed by Prof Seligman in team): Take the VIA Strengths Test

Let me know what your strengths are in the comments below!

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