Avocado Oil: A Natural Elixir

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Avocado Oil
(Persia Gratissima Oil) is a wonderful source of all things good for the skin. It’s been overshadowed recently by Argan Oil (which is wonderful for other reasons) so I’d like to put it back on its pedestal.

Hydrates and Plumps
Avocado oil makes a wonderful ingredient in natural skincare products. The flesh of the avocado fruit (officially a berry) contains up to 30% oil, which is extracted then refined for safe cosmetic use. Avocado oil contains a long list of vitamins, proteins and lipids. It's absorbed quickly and penetrates deep into the epidermis.

With its high amount of vitamin E, a powerful anti-oxidant, and it’s complex mix of essential fatty acids, not only can it reduce inflammation, but it hydrates and plumps the skin reducing the appearance of those fine lines (or, ‘wisdom’ lines as I like to call them). It's known for its ability to fight 'free-radicals' and strengthen the skin's function as a barrier. (More on sensitive skin and barrier repair here). Two very good reasons why you'll find it in Sleeping Beauty.

Eat, Drink and Get Married?
Some random facts for you: Most of us enjoy avocado in salad or in guacamole, but it works well in smoothies (with honey and banana), and as a fresh food face mask for dry skin (mash and mix with a dollop of honey, tie back hair, smear on your face, wipe off, enjoy your soft skin).

he Avocado has been around for thousands of years, and thought to be from Mexico.

The Aztecs called it ‘ahuacatl’ (meaning testicle), which might explain why they believed it to be an aphrodisiac. Columbian husbands would gift avocados to woo their wives-to-be. How romantic.

Tempted to try the face mask or prefer to keep it on your plate?
Share your tips and comments below. 

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