6 Alternative Christmas Gift ideas

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If you've not already bought all of your Christmas presents, and you like to give unique gifts that stand out, or mean something special, try these.

Of course, you could make your own gifts. If you're the kind of person that likes to hang out in Hobbycraft on a Sunday morning, you've probably already started crafting this years' goodies.
For the rest of us looking for inspiration, how about these ...

A Charitable Gift

Donate to a charity on their behalf. This is especially lovely if it's a cause close to that person's heart.  Crisis is one of my favourites, especially this time of year, they do different priced packages that help pay towards providing a hot Christmas meal, medicals, gifts etc, starting at £22.29 https://community.crisis.org.uk/christmas-gifts/christmas-gifts. I volunteer for Smart Works that help women find employment http://www.smartworks.org.uk https://community.crisis.org.uk/christmas-gifts/christmas-gifts

Giving your time

Face to face time is precious these days. I find it hard to make time to see all the poeple in my life as much as I'd love to. Sometimes it feels as though social media almost replaces the need to - I know what friends are up to, I lie their pictures etc. Promising or writing out a personal IOU may seem cheesy, but you could specify "a spa day" for a girlfriend, "a night out" for a friend, or "a dinner for two" for a loved one, "a trip to a gallery" for an aunt. Offer something that's realistic (and for people you do actually want to spend time with). 

Gifting Membership / Subscription 

Does your giftee like galleries, museums, animals, birds, do they support environmental issues? This kind of gift goes down particularly well if you can find something they're especially keen on. Someone once adopted a goat in Africa on my behalf to help support a farming community. I was so pleased that their money went on something more worthwhile than a scarf I might wear once. 

An Experience

For two, of course  - you can to get in it too! The list is endless, but let's start with concert tickets, spa treats, or random experiences like indoor sky-diving, or zorbing. 

Social Enterprise

Buying products from a social enterprise means that you've got something wrap and they've got cash to pass on. Take TOMs. They sell shoes, bags, and eyewear. Their shoes are super comfy, come in a high range of styles and colours, and even better, they have a "One For One' campaign - for every pair you buy they give a pair of shoes away to someone in the world who doesn't have any.

Small Business

Supporting small businesses is a great idea (I would say that) for a number of reasons: for every pound we make, we spend 60p in our local community, supporting other small businesses etc (unlike huge corporates who spend elsewhere in the world). It's #SmallBizSaturday this Saturday - an international campaign to encourage people to support businesses like mine.

ps. If you want to purchase completely natural skincare products, and support a small business, then why not check out the MIMI Kits makeitmakeit.com

Big love and let me know what you go for in the comments below

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