I like seeing what I put into it. It's nice that there's no synthetics. It left my skin feeing really soft” 
Maddie, Green Goddess tester, London
MIMI Green Goddess Fresh Face Mask


In each Kit
Pre-measured ingredients, mixing equipment, simple instructions, a stylish dispenser plus tips on how to personalise your products. 

With MIMI Kits, you can create luxurious natural skincare products in your own home. It only takes a few minutes and it's a great excuse for a quick yet quality ‘me’ moment (and you get that sense of achievement, having made something lovely for yourself).

MIMI Skincare ~ "great results!"
Our testimonials say it all. We don't need marketing hype, with so many wonderful reviews. Check out what customers say about each product at the bottom of each page.

Here are 9 reasons why we believe you'll love MIMI... 

1. Our 100% Natural Ingredients
There are several skincare brands on the market claiming they are natural - but does that mean a little bit natural, or totally?

Here at MIMI, we’re proud to say that all our products are 100% natural. Ordinary, ready-made creams are packed with a lot of water and synthetic ingredients, but skincare products don't all have to be like this.

Discover more about all of our 100% Natural Seed & Nut Oil ingredients

Avocado Oil 

Argan Oil

Sweet Almond Oil

Coconut Oil

Peach Kernel Oil

Grape Seed Oil

Carrot Tissue Oil

EcoCert Oat Oil

Discover more about our 100% Natural Plant-Based Dry Ingredients

Dead Sea Salt

Orange Peel Exfoliant

Lemon Peel Exfoliant 

French Green Clay


Rhassoul Clay

Organic Cacao

2. It's "fresh"
If you're going to put something on your skin, you want it to be as fresh as possible. It's the same with the food you eat. For example, with MIMI Green Goddess or MIMI Dark Chocolate Face Masks you get to mix the dry face mask powder with water / cooled green tea / chamomile tea just when you want to use it. 

Watch this 20sec video "How to Make Your Own Green Goddess Fresh Face Mask"



3. Natural ingredients
Making your own skincare is the only way to ensure your products contain 100% natural ingredients.

Cosmetic giants prefer to manufacture synthetic ingredients for use in their products because they cost a fraction of the price of natural ingredients. Many of the synthetic ingredients you find in ordinary creams and lotions mimic their natural derivative. With MIMI you know you’re using real natural ingredients that you can see, smell and touch.

4. Easy & Quick
As a busy person, this is really important to me - if I don’t have time to make my own, how can I expect you to? 

It might sound like a bit of a faff, or too complicated, and some people think they're too busy to try it but we've worked really hard to make sure that every MIMI product is quick, simple and fun to make at home. 

There’s no complex measuring, melting or heating, and no fuss at all. Just simply mix your product in minutes. The Kits are specially designed to make all this easy, with simple instructions and accessories.

Green Goddess: 3 minutes, mix this face mask fresh every time

Sleeping Beauty: 5 minutes, mix this facial oil only once and store in 35ml bottle, use within one month

Sweet Cheeks: 5 minutes, mix this body rub only once, store in 150mls jar, use within one month

5. Choose & Personalise 
Making your own skincare with MIMI allows you to decide which ingredients you want to use.

You get a selection of raw natural ingredients with each Kit. You also get simple instructions and special tips to help you choose which ingredients you use. You can also decide how much of each ingredient you use. 

 Watch this 20sec video on "How to Make Your Own Sweet Cheeks Body Rub"

With the unique ability to choose which ingredients you use, comes the ability for you to personalise your product. Unlike ordinary face and body products, you decide based on your personal preferences exactly how you want your end product to be.  


6. Take Back Control
One of MIMI's original testers in 2013 said ‘I can see and trust what’s gone into my product, and I love that’. 

Never before have you been able to control what goes into your face and body products. Unlike ordinary face, hair and body products, you can control how much of each ingredient you use, and see exactly what's gone into it.

Watch this 20sec video on "How to Make Your Own Sleeping Beauty"


7. Sensuous & Fun
Making it a whole lot of fun without the hassle.

From the moment you open a MIMI Kit your sense are delighted and you just want to get creative. It’s never been possible to create your own skincare products at home by simply mixing natural ingredients together. No more do you have to search for recipes online or track down hard-to-find ingredients for a face mask or body rub. MIMI kits provide everything you need (all the ingredients, mixing equipment, simple instructions) so you can have fun mixing it up.


8. "I did it!" Sense of achievement
Do you love the buzz of creating something special?

Remember the last time you made something – a cake for a friend’s birthday, cooked a meal from scratch, crafted a gift card? (forget how much time they take, that’s irrelevant as you mix MIMI products in minutes). But do you remember the warm buzz you got from making that thing, the sense of satisfaction, the sense of achievement? With every MIMI product you get that. Every time.


9. "Make It Forward" - A wonderful gift
"I bought it for someone else, but kept it for myself. Is that bad?!". One customer actually said this. 

The choice is yours: you can keep your Kit all to yourself or you can buy the Kit as a gift for someone – they’ll love you for it. Or you can go the extra mile and mix up your MIMI product and gift that to someone you really like.


It’s what you make of it…