The Story So Far

Skincare + Confidence
When was the last time you felt attractive, radiant, and confident? Most skincare brands promise their products will give you flawless looking skin, a glowing complexion, and a youthful appearance. And it's tempting to believe them. But how do you feel when they don't live up to their promises? What if you could feel confident regardless of how you look? Check out the More Than Skincare blogs for stories and inspiration.


Skincare + Choice
MIMI products are unique: you mix it up at home. You get a selection of ingredients in each Kit so you can simply follow the basic recipe or choose to tailor it to your personal preference. The essential oils are also separate so you can choose to leave your facial oil or body rub unscented. Get creative, playful and stimulate your senses. Each product can be mixed in 2-5 minutes. See the range here.



Green Goddess Make It MIMI Fresh FacemaskSkincare + Sharing
If you don't want to keep your MIMI experience to yourself, you could enjoy a Green Goddess face mask girls' nights in, let your flat-mates or family share their Sweet Cheeks body rub, or let your partner indulge in Sleeping Beauty night time facial oil. If you like it enough to share it, we'd also love to hear from you ~ check out @MakeItMIMI #MakeItMIMI on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. 


Skincare + Ethics
MIMI only contains natural ingredients, so what you see is what you get. We pride ourselves on our honest marketing, and that we only test our products on willing humans (they love it). All our packaging is made from sustainable or recycled materials, and everything from the gift box it comes in to the little bottles are reusable and recyclable.










Jess Baker CPsychol MakeItMIMIJess' Story

Sensitive Skin
I've had sensitive skin all my life, and was diagnosed with rosacea in 2004. I grew up with vain parents who focused on my appearance more than how well I did at school. My appearance is important to me, but there's so much more to life.

Since starting MIMI, I've become to realise that how you feel about your appearance can actually effect your life choices. Say for example, you're desperate to get rid of your skin condition or you want to lose 5lbs... you're waiting for a day to come when you feel good enough to go for that job, or apply for that promotion, or approach the guy or girl of your dreams. And while you're waiting to feel better about yourself, time is ticking and life is passing you by. 

Working in the beauty industry I speak to a lot of women. Most of them complain about their bad skin, but they also mention the anxiety it causes them and I can see their lack of self-confidence. I've experienced this in the past. It's been debilitating really: I've avoided meet-ups, cancelled dates at the last minute, and had sleepless nights prior to business presentations. But all that has recently changed.

Confidence Coaching
As a Chartered Psychologist, with an understanding of the importance of self-compassion, I help people feel better about the way they look. Using 
evidence-based practice from psychology, neuroscience, mindfulness, and with an honest and humorous approach, I can help you see yourself in a different light.

It's what you make of it. . .


Positive Impact




Smart Works CharityEmpowering Women
Looking back at my career the one clear thread is helping others feel better about themselves, e.g. my work in clinical psychology in the NHS, carrying out academic research on well-being, and coaching leaders in the corporate world.

I've been volunteering for Smart Works since 2012. It's a charity that helps women find work by offering them clothes and training for their job interview. I train women in interview skills, career coaching, and CV writing, and generally try to help boost their self-confidence. More than 60% the Smart Works clients get the job they applied for. Those who aren't successful receive on-going support.

Saving People, Apes & Forests
On a completely different note, since an eye-opening experience volunteering at Camp Leakey, Kalimantan, Borneo back in 2001, I've been supporting Dr Galdikas' work with the Orangutan Foundation International.

Her team works hard to protect the diminishing number of wild orangutans and actively campaigns against deforestation - often due to palm oil plantations and illegal logging. I'll dig out some photos and blog about it.

This is Kusasi, an alpha-male who I met face to face. He weighed aprox. 120kg, was 1.5m tall and had an arm span of 2.4m. You can help orangutans and the Indonesian rainforest by avoiding products that contain Palm Oil. None of our MIMI skincare products do or ever will contain Palm Oil.